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Archive for July 2010

Turtwig's New Home

Turtwig is a sub-adult green sea turtle who has been a patient in our hospital since August 2009. Turtwig was admitted to our hospital with buoyancy issues which most likely resulted from an old boat injury. Unfortunately, after several different procedures and treatments these issues could not be resolved without medication. Without a digestive stimulant,…

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Team Work!

This past Monday we received a call from FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) informing us of an injured adult, female Loggerhead Sea Turtle that was found stranded on the south side of the Palm Beach Inlet. While attempting to return to the water after nesting, the turtle, later named “Bremusa,” fell off the…

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How do we get our turtles?

I’m very excited as today marks the beginning of our new sea turtle hospital blog! This will be the place to receive regular updates on the daily happenings in the LMC hospital and rehabilitation department. I look forward to sharing the work that we do with everyone! Our job in the hospital at the Loggerhead…

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