Surgical Suite

2010 has been extremely busy, record setting year in the Gordon and Patricia Grey Sea Turtle Hospital, over 150 sea turtles were admitted as patients. In addition to increasing the need for supplies and equipment, the hospital has seen a significant rise in surgical cases.
Up to this point, hospital staff has been using plastic bins to store medical/surgical supplies. Although effective in the past, the rise in patient load requires increased organization and far greater storage space.

Thanks to the generosity of long time LMC friend and supporter Molly Fleming along with flexibility from G2 Automated Technologies, LLC in the purchase process, the hospital surgical suite is now equipped with a surgical scrub sink and cabinets.

The scrub sink now provides an area for staff veterinarian, Dr. Mettee, and our hospital team to adequately scrub for surgery. The surgical cabinets allow for hospital staff to properly handle an increased case load.