New Year, New Blog, New Sea Turtle

Hi folks!

My name is Brittany Jo Miller and I am the new Sr. Coordinator, Marketing & Communications for Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida. One of the components of my new position is blogging about what’s happening here on the world’s most important sea turtle nesting beach. Trust me when I say, there’s a lot going on!

My first week here was just wonderful. On my first day, I observed a sea turtle debridement (defined as “the usually surgical removal of lacerated, devitalized or contaminated tissue”). Seeing this process up close and personal was fascinating. It felt like watching an episode from Animal Planet, except that no barrier of a television screen existed.

My second day marked the arrival of Cubby on 1-11-11. Cubby is a 20.3 pound juvenile Green Sea Turtle and Loggerhead Marinelife Center‘s first turtle of the new year. The sea turtle stranded in Vero Beach, FL as a result of a motorcraft injury. Strandings occur when sea turtles swim or float into shore and become “beached” or stuck in shallow water.

Cubby, a Green Sea Turtle, arrived at Loggerhead Marinelife Center on January 11, 2011.

Cubby appears to have blunt force traumatic injuries; One older wound and two more recent wounds. The sea turtle’s dead bone and tissue will need to be debrided just like the procedure I observed last week. Cubby’s treatment plan will also consist of antibiotics, fluids, pain medication, vitamins and good nutrition.

After its first week at LMC, the sea turtle is eating well and receiving vitamins to resolve a minor case of anemia. Cubby’s wounds were cleaned regularly throughout the week and may require a surgical debridement in the future. Volunteers at the FPL Turtle Yard agree in just one week, Cubby has made a lot of progress.

If you want to help our cause, you can adopt a sea turtle today for as low as $35. Just click here! Here’s a video taken of Cubby swimming across its tank earlier today: