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Archive for August 2011

Hurricane Irene's Impact on Sea Turtle Nesting

Hurricane Irene has many of you wondering what you can do to help our nesting sea turtles and hatchlings in response to the storm. Here are the top ways you can help, as well as some photos captured today and further guidance. Top Three Ways to Help 1. Educate yourself on what to do if…

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Q&A with Leatherback Researcher Javier Velasco

A: Closer Look at the Field Research Being Done on Juno Beach We sat down with researcher Javier Velasco to find out more about what he’s studying right here on Juno Beach. Javier is a graduate research assistant, pursuing his PhD in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology at the University of Wisconsin. Working with Loggerhead Marinelife…

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KCI – Helping Humans and Animals Heal

If you’ve followed Andre’s journey, you know KCI’s V.A.C.® Therapy was instrumental in the sea turtle’s recovery. But who is KCI? And what does their VAC do? We sat down with Mike Barger, Corporate Communications Manager of KCI, to learn more. Q: Mike, what can you tell us about KCI? A: Kinetic Concepts, Inc. is…

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