New Digital X-Ray System Captures Highest Definition Sea Turtle Radiographs in the World

Lana_xray(before-after)Thanks to generous donations by the Fleming Family Foundation and Gordon and Patricia Gray, Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC) has acquired the latest high-resolution Digital X-Ray system from Vet Rocket. LMC is the world’s first marine animal facility to install this equipment and has already utilized the technology to capture the highest definition sea turtle radiographs in the world. This first-class system will allow the center to diagnose and treat threatened and endangered sea turtles more efficiently. “The quality of these images will help Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s veterinarians and scientists better diagnose and understand the challenges sea turtles are facing in the wild,” said Andy Fu, Vet Rocket President & CEO.

The center’s rehabilitation staff is extremely excited about the new system. Nicole Montgomerey, LMC Hospital Coordinator, says that the new Digital X-Ray system is much quicker, safer and less stressful for the sea turtles and the staff.  Previously, the sea turtle patients would be exposed to more radiation to complete a radiograph. With this new technology, the radiographs are finished much quicker. “This system is very beneficial to the center because it will improve diagnostic capability which will improve patient care,” said Montgomerey. The center has already seen improvements in the radiograph quality. Lana, a very small juvenile hawksbill sea turtle, has had radiographs with the old and new system. “The radiographs with the old system were extremely fuzzy while the new system provides a crystal clear picture. We can now see particulate matter that could be plastic,” she added.

Vet Rocket, a manufacturer of veterinary Digital X-Ray systems, is the only company currently who develops panels like this. This panel is extremely flexible and is able to take many different angled radiographs. Vet Rocket’s Digital X-Ray system consists of a 14×17 inch high-resolution X-Ray detector manufactured by Canon Medical Systems.  The system also features a touch screen computer and a 27 inch monitor with a high-resolution image. Fu said the high- resolution and extremely sensitive panel are the best benefits of the new X-Ray system. The system allows the center’s rehabilitation team to view the radiographs directly after taking them, instead of waiting for them to process. “It is the top of the line. There is nothing better. As for digital X-ray, this is the absolute best,” added Fu.

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About Loggerhead Marinelife Center:

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