Top 5 Reasons to Adopt an Endangered Sea Turtle this Holiday Season

Adoption_photo(Olaf) (1)

1.      You can’t find a more unique gift than this

Whether you purchase a sea turtle adoption for a young “hatchling,” “sub-adult,” or “adult,” – all three ages will be sure to appreciate. Sea turtle adoptions are a fun way to show your loved one that you care! They are also an interesting way to spread the important word about ocean and sea turtle conservation. This is the perfect way to “go green” for the holiday season.

2.      You’ll be helping save a threatened or endangered species

All sea turtles are either threatened or endangered. For this holiday season, we have both up for adoption! With your donation, you will be providing the food, medication, hospital care and tank maintenance critical to your adopted turtle’s health. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive, advance notice of your turtle’s release back into the ocean.

3.      You’ll be able to visit your adopted sea turtle

If you live local, you can always stop by and visit your adopted sea turtle. They love seeing their “parents!” If you don’t live local, we post weekly updates about our sea turtle patients on our website – this way you can keep up with your turtle’s medical progress. We also always have an adoptable sea turtle in our webcam tank. This season’s star is our very own Olaf!

4.      You’ll be an official Loggerhead Marinelife Center ambassador  

No matter what sea turtle adoption packet you purchase, you will have a way to show your love for ocean and sea turtle conservation. It could be in sticker, t-shirt, photo, or magnet form. LMC continues to offer free admission as we believe every person should be given equal access to conservation education. Your sea turtle adoption will help us maintain our free admission status! How awesome is that?

5.      Last but not least – some turtles are worth melting for

Okay, so who hasn’t seen the movie Frozen this year? We happen to have the duo, Elsa and Olaf, currently residing at the center. However, instead of a blonde princess and goofy snowman, these two have flippers and enjoy swimming around in their tanks. You can adopt Elsa and Olaf for your favorite person this holiday season! What a wonderful way to show you care.


P.S. Your sea turtle adoption is also tax-deductible!

All sea turtle adoption packets come with a personalized certificate with your loved one’s name, a photo of their adopted sea turtle, subscription to our monthly e-newsletter, “proud parent” sticker, and educational materials. Other packets can include the following: plush sea turtle, LMC tote bag, LMC documentary DVD, “proud parent” magnet, “I help save sea turtles” t-shirt and a 5×7 matted photo of your adopted sea turtle.

Interested? You can adopt online at or contact Kat Rumbley at or 561-627-8280 ext. 115.

Holiday gift adoptions need to be purchased by December 17 to ensure Christmas delivery.