First Successfully Rehabbed Olive Ridley in Florida Released!

The olive ridley sea turtle is a rarity in Florida waters. A turtle, named Meghan, stranded on a public beach in Lantana, Florida, last Christmas Day. The turtle is the only olive ridley to strand this far north in Florida and the only one ever found in Palm Beach County, as the species usually lives around Central and South America. After nearly a year of rehabilitation, Meghan was released back into her ocean home yesterday.

5 a.m. wake up call to load Meghan into the van! 


Obviously, Meghan rode in style. Pink harness and all. 


Meghan seems to be excited about her release – seems that she is smiling! 


Special thanks to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission officers who helped with Meghan’s release back into the ocean. 


Farewell, Meghan! 


Meghan’s release is important for several reasons.
* Meghan is the first olive ridley sea turtle ever successfully rehabilitated in the state of Florida.
*This was the first turtle that LMC successfully administered parenteral nutrition treatments on, which is the main reason Meghan survived.
*Meghan was the first case that allowed LMC hospital staff to perfect this method of treatment, allowing the center to save many other sea turtles since her arrival.
*Due to this success, LMC has been able to present on this life saving therapy to colleagues around the globe.
We are so happy that Meghan is back in her home! We wish Meghan all the best!