LMC celebrates Earth Day 2015!

Happy Earth Day! On this special day of recognizing the beautiful green (and blue) planet we live on, we’ve come up with a simple list of things you can do today to show the earth you care.

1. Take a walk. We know it’s easier to drive and pick up that iced latte or to visit your friend down the street, but this Earth Day, why not leave a little extra time before you head out the door? Any time you have the opportunity to walk to your destination, take it! You’ll be saving money, gas and the environment. Plus, you’ll get fresh air. We promise the earth (and your body) will thank you.


2. Plant a tree. Planting a tree, a shrub or flowers is a great way to satisfy that green thumb we know you have deep down! And sometimes, getting your hands dirty is the best therapy around. Head to your local greenhouse to pick up some native plants to your area and according to the sunlight and moisture levels your home provides. Then, pick up a spade and some soil and you’re ready to go!


3. Save water. Did you know that cutting back just a couple minutes of your time in the shower saves five gallons of water? We’re big fans of this simple yet effective way to conserve water. You can also save water by not watering your lawn every day and by waiting to turn on the water until you’re ready to use it. Finally, you can save water by skipping the bottled water and using a filter for your tap instead.


 4. Turn out the lights. Ever wonder why that energy bill can be so daunting? Maybe it’s because you’re leaving your lights on too much. Any time you’re not in the room, flip that light switch off! If you aren’t home, you can just leave one light on for safety. This will significantly reduce your costs every month and reduce the amount of electricity used.


5. Throw a party. Show the earth you care by having fun with your friends and family! Invite loved ones over for an outdoor Earth Day party. You can play music, serve organic fruits and veggies and locally made desserts, and host fun games like Earth Day trivia or crafts from recyclable materials. Gluing newspaper to the inside of mason jars makes for a quick and beautiful candleholder while re-using materials!


Written by Hannah Deadman, LMC Marketing Intern