Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet

 Oceans are so vital that they have a day apart from Earth Day, June 8th marks World Oceans Day. On this day, people around the world go blue! Dive into the celebration by participating in some of these blue ideas:


Be Blue (da ba dee)

Sea what we did there? Of course it’s better to be blue everyday, however World Oceans Day especially warrants you to turn your green thumb blue. Say no to using any type of plastic bags for the day. More than 8 million tons of plastic trash end up in the ocean every year, including millions of disposable plastic bags. Head to your favorite beach and pick up trash and debris. Reducing the presence of trash and debris on our coasts improves our health and environment.


Eat SEAstainable

Replace your seafood choices for the week with sustainable options. Use Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch website to verify and research your seafood purchases. Sustainable practices helps restore fish populations to a healthy level. Currently, approximately 90 percent of the world’s fisheries are fully depleted or in decline.


Explore the depths of the oceans from the comfort of your living room

The oceans cover three quarters of the Earth’s surface, providing humankind with essential global resources. Protecting our oceans means protecting our livelihood. Embark on an underwater adventure with Ocean Wonders, a Ted talk playlist. Ocean Wonders complies 11 impactful talks exploring Earth’s blue heart.



Isn’t that punny? 

Have some extra fun and throw in a pun. Raise awareness for the oceans by inserting some puns/ jokes into your conversations. We’ve included a few to start you off:

  • I don’t quite sea what you are saying.
  • Water are you thinking of doing today?
  • What did one tidepool say to the other tidepool? Show me your mussels.
  • What puts the white lines on the ocean? An ocean liner.


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Written by Summer Marketing Intern: Amanda Moore