LMC’s guide to Father’s Day

Squirt: Whoa! That was so cool! Hey, Dad! Did you see that? Did you see me? Did you see what I did?

Crush: You so totally rock, Squirt! So gimme some fin.

If your dad is the Crush to your Squirt, he deserves a turtlely awesome father’s day. With father’s day, June 21st, right around the corner, we’ve come up with a guide to help you celebrate.

Gone Fishin’ 

Grab your dad and your gear and take on the outdoors. Coastal communities provide ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Fishing and fathers are synonymous so take your take to the Juno Beach Pier for fun in the sun and responsible fishing.

Make him an even prouder parent

Adopt a sea turtle in his name at Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Choose a turtle that reminds you of him or maybe one with the same name. Take care of your dad while you take care of one of the many sea turtle dads in our tanks.

Show him he’s the man 

Remind him of his favorite seaside aromas with Cayman Islands Spyce Men’s Cologne. Rugged, outdoorsy dads can enjoy getting down in the dirt while smelling like a cool ocean breeze.

Remember to give your dad some fin (high five) and thank him for being turtlely awesome!