5 Tips to Go Green This Halloween!

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “Around 80 percent of marine litter originates on land, and most of that is plastic.” In order to prevent this pollution from continuing and to keep our sea turtle friends safe, here are some tips and tricks to recycle old items and stay green!


  1. Make Your Own Costume:
    Look inside your closet or shop at a local thrift shop!  Instead of buying plastic costumes that will eventually be thrown away, be creative with what you own. Be a scuba diver with some old snorkel geara jellyfish, or do a costume swap with a friend!
  2. Use Recyclable Bags:
    Instead of buying plastic pumpkin containers, spend an afternoon decorating tote bags. You can even use an old pillowcase for collecting candy this year!
  3. Get Crafty with Decorations:
    Have a family fun day by making decorations from recyclable goods. Use things such as old toilet paper rolls to make bats or paint old jars like pumpkins for decorative candle holders.
  4. Green your Treats:
    Since candies generate a lot of trash, try making your own treats this year! By making your own treats, it gives a more personal touch and a chance to show off your baking skills. Package these treats in small, reusable boxes.

5. Participate in our Beach Clean Up:
Need a Halloween day activity? Clean the beach this Saturday! In partnership with MyFWC and their Monofilament & Recycling Program, we will be hosting a Halloween Beach Clean-Up event. For more information, visit our Facebook page!

So have fun this Halloween and go green!

Written by Brielle McCarty, 2015 Fall Intern.