Nesting Season Tips

Yesterday (May 1) marked the beginning of nesting season across many beaches in Florida and up the Atlantic coastline. But here in Juno Beach, we are two months in – 60 leatherback nests and 92 loggerhead nests to be exact.


We are lucky to share the beaches with these endangered species, but they leave us with a great responsibility to ensure the area is safe for nesting females and the next generation of hatchlings that will make their way out to sea.

Below are some tips for keeping the beach clean and safe this nesting season:

  • Remove any lounge chairs, umbrellas and other beach furniture from the beach overnight.
  • Knock down sand castles and fill in holes in the sand when leaving the beach.
  • If you live near a beach, turn off outdoor lights at night and close curtains after sunset to keep light. pollution off the beach – artificial light can easily disorient nesting females and hatchlings.
  • Dispose of all trash and clean up any debris found on the beach.
  • Please do not participate in balloon releases.
  • If you see a nesting turtle, try not to disrupt her. Do not use any bright lights or flash photography and avoid creating loud noises. The best way to safely observe a sea turtle laying a nest is to join us for a Turtle Walk this June or July.
  • If you see healthy hatchlings, allow them to crawl to the ocean on their own.



We can only protect sea turtles and their nesting habitat if we all work together. If you have any questions about sea turtle nesting, please email