Norma’s second appearance

After a leatherback-less Sunday night on Juno Beach, researchers were thrilled to spot a leatherback emerging from the surf early on Monday night.  It was around 10 pm when our biologists patiently waited for the turtle to ascend the beach and start digging her egg chamber.  Once the turtle began depositing eggs, we were able to read the turtle’s flipper tags and confirm her identity: it was Norma!

Norma nested 10 nights ago on south Juno beach, about 3 miles away from where she was spotted last night.  Our biologists sampled the turtle last night, which greatly benefits our study since the turtle was sampled the last time we saw her.  How soon do you think will we see Norma again if she returns to Juno to lay another nest?  Only time will tell, but stay updated with us to find out!