Memorial Day morning leatherbacks

The leatherback action is staying steady on Juno Beach!  Last night, our crew encountered two leatherbacks.  The first was spotted just before midnight on north Juno Beach.  Ainsley was tagged earlier this season by LMC biologists and this is the first time that we have seen her return to Juno since then.  Ainsley was probably nesting on adjacent beaches prior to last night.  Our team was excited to see a familiar turtle that was tagged earlier this year.  We hope she keeps coming back to Juno every few years to nest!

The second turtle of the night was Marina, who was first tagged by LMC biologists in 2011.  She was seen nesting twice in 2011, but it is the first time that our crew has seen her this year.  Marina has grown since 2011 and looked great!

On behalf of all of us working on The Leatherback Project, we wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day!