Betty White the Sea Turtle to be Released off Juno Beach Tomorrow Morning!

Betty White is outfitted with a satellite tag, which will allow LMC biologists to track her movements.It’s a World Oceans Day surprise!

Tomorrow morning on World Oceans Day 2016, Loggerhead Marinelife Center will release Betty White, a near-adult loggerhead sea turtle, from its facility at 11 a.m. Betty White was found floating in the Loxahatchee River last December due to buoyancy issues. The turtle was chronically debilitated, lethargic and underweight. Bloodwork showed that she was anemic and hypoglycemic, while radiographs revealed an impacted intestinal tract. Hospital staff performed an ultrasound, allowing them to determine that Betty White is female. After months of medications, fluids and close monitoring by LMC staff, we are excited to announce that Betty White is ready to return to her ocean home!

Betty White is also outfitted with a satellite tag, which allows LMC biologists to track her movements. Guests can follow Betty White’s journey at During the turtle’s journey, data will be transmitted back to LMC via ARGOS satellite when the turtle surfaces to breathe, providing valuable information for sea turtle research.

Betty White will be prepared for release from LMC beginning at 10:30 a.m. One of LMC’s education docents will convey a history of the sea turtle’s journey and final arrangements to visitors, followed by a procession to the beach for Betty White’s release into the ocean.