Millennials – Connection to Causes

Millennial (n.) 1. a self-entitled, narcissistic, wanderlust, open-minded, digital native do gooder.

We Millennials are used to being referred to by a different label every few months. We’ve been called self-entitled narcissists, generation me, digital natives, more open-minded than generations previous, wanderlust, the social generation, and now we are being deemed a generation of do-gooders. Regardless of what label marketers and media outlets decided encompasses us best, we are a generation who seeks change. And luckily for us, there’s a lot of changing to be done.

Recently, in response to the way in which the world has been turning, older generations have turned to me and said “That’s for your generation to figure out.” The blanketed response has followed many societal questions, including the state of our environment, because it’s true. It’s true, our generation – Millennials – needs to be the generation to create a change and live up to the ultimate encapsulating title – The Cause Generation.

Plugged in from birth, we digital natives have every resource at our fingertips needed to start a revolution.
But, because the internet is over-saturated we have compiled a brief list of ways to create change.

LMC Rescue Merchandise

Shop for a Cause: It isn’t news that this innate connection to technology enables us to be the driving force behind market trends. We know that every like, share, retweet, and purchase is a vote for the change we want to see, because despite the label of being a bunch of ” self-entitled narcissists,” we are “the first generation to grow up alongside corporate social responsibility (CSR)” (YouCaring Team, 2016). We might be a bunch of self-entitled narcissists, but we are a bunch of self-entitled narcissists who want to choose a product we believe in. By purchasing products that support the causes we care about, we are just one step closer to creating a revolution. Although it’s always better to directly buy a product that supports a cause, another way to shop and give is through AmazonSmile.  When you shop through AmazonSmile 0.5% of your purchase will be given to the charitable organization you select.




SWIM Maui Beach Clean-up

SWIM Maui Eco-Tour Beach Clean-up on Ka’ehu

Travel with a Purpose: Follow your wanderlust heart and travel the world while giving to the causes you believe in. Upgrade your travel plans to eco-tourism – tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife. In response to an increase in eco-tourism, charitable organizations (like LMC) have created their own eco-tours. However, another option is to search for eco-tours through eco-tourism consulting sites, such as GreenloonsAfter, you finish jet-setting around the world take time to review the projects you were involved with by using the sites like The Conservation Guide. 





Steve Huskisson Juno Beach Pier Photo Contest

Juno Beach Pier Photo Contest | Steve Huskisson

Create inspiring work: Growing up in the social generation has taught us that you do not need to be a professional photographer or artist to create a meaningful message. The power of social media enables us all to be agents of social change. Photojournalism and recycled art are two ways to spread awareness and incite change. It can be as easy as taking a photo at your favorite charitable organization and writing an overview of its mission or going the extra mile and submitting your work to a photography contest. Another increasingly popular outlet is creating art from recycled materials, such as marine debris.




So the next time you are labeled as a “typical Millennial” respond by informing others that you are part of “The Cause Generation” – the generation who will create a revolution of change.