The LMC Gift Store – Something for Everyone!

Gift_store_display1(2014)Written by: Cecilia Santis, guest intern, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

At Loggerhead Marinelife Center, our mission is to promote the conservation of endangered sea turtles while also showing you and your family and friends why these creatures are so important to ocean ecosystems! After you’ve meandered through our cool turtle hangout, make sure to come check out the LMC Gift Store, we’ll show you why we’re not just your average run-of-the-mill gift shop. Here, all proceeds from your purchases support LMC programs – not to mention our amazing sea turtle patients.

Walk through the aisles of our store and you’ll find everything turtle-related that your heart desires. Love tea and turtles? Browse our assorted selection of mugs and reusable stainless steel mugs. The mugs feature unique designs and paintings of turtles swimming underwater or making their way to sea. In conjunction with supporting the well-being of the environment, you can also select from our array of reusable water bottles. It’s the perfect way to go “blue”.

Ever see those lifeguard shirts that people are always wearing? You can have one of your very own through LMC’s rescue merchandise. Grab one of the sea turtle rescue shirts, which has a red cross on the front just like the lifeguard shirts. The difference? There’s also a turtle on top of the red cross – an LMC signature. With this shirt, not only will you display the importance of sea turtles – you’ll also create awareness for anyone who sees you wearing it. Along with those cool shirts, the rescue merch also includes a toy sea turtle rescue kit! Perfect for kids who aspire to help little turtle hatchlings, the kit includes a stethoscope, a band-aid and of course its own sea turtle hatchling.

If you’re looking for more options for the kids in your life, we also offer a selection of cute plush turtles. Great for kids and adults alike, they come in all different colors and styles. Additionally, the LMC Gift Store also offers a fascinating toy called Hatchin’ Grow Turtle. Simply place the “turtle egg” in water for 48-72 hours and voila! You’ve just witnessed a little faux sea turtle breaking out of its shell. With this cool toy, you can help educate your kids about the genesis of a little hatchling life.

Furthermore, we’ve got turtle-themed backpacks, totes, roller backpacks, coin-purses, keychains and even some fashionable turtle scarves. And if you’re searching for even more accessories, whether it be for you or a loved one, we’ve also got an assortment of beautiful jewelry. Our jewelry includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, charms, rings and even watches. The intricate jewelry designs are commonly adorned with dazzling silver and gold turtles. Most notable is the gorgeous sea turtle necklace handcrafted on Mykonos Island, Greece. This piece is complete with a copper turtle pendant and beautiful blue beads.

Intrigued yet? Well, there’s even more! LMC Gift Store also offers books for all ages, turtle-themed stationery, and some great Inis cologne for men and women. What’s more is that you’ll also discover unique paintings of sea turtles perfect to decorate your home. Painted by the talented Kelly Tracht, these paintings will help you bring the beauty of sea turtles home. Also, every Tuesday at LMC Gift Store is Senior Day! All seniors will receive 10 percent off their purchase.

As you can see, there’s not much the LMC Gift Store doesn’t offer. Make sure to check us out the next time you visit or shop online and help us support and promote the well-being of sea turtles!

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