10 Photos to Remind You of The Beauty and Grace of Sea Turtles

With their beauty and grace, sea turtles have warmed the hearts of Loggerhead Marinelife Center guests, volunteers and staff for over 30 years. But, these ancient creatures have been exploring ocean depths for over 100 million years. Known for their resilience, endurance and perseverance, sea turtles have survived and overcome earth’s greatest obstacles, expect humans. Human-caused-threats are continuing to drive sea turtles to extinction. It seems we have forgotten how breathtaking it is to witness sea turtles glide through water.

So we have compiled 10 Instagram photos to remind you of the beauty and grace of endangered/threatened sea turtles.

When you witness a sea turtle glide, effortlessly through the ocean, it appears as though they have wings. 



@typalmerphotography Tyler Palmer Palm Beach Island

@typalmerphotography | Palm Beach, Florida












Hatchling sea turtles emerge from the nest and slip into the ocean with finesse and speed.  

@abrahamroblest Abraham Robles Mexio

@Abrahamrobles | Mexico

@gilbert_borges9 Gilberto Borges Costa Rica

@gilbert_borges9 | Costa Rica












Struck by the contrast of their colors against the sea, divers often love to photograph sea turtles. 

@jonathantissandier Jonathan Sebastien Maunalua Bay

@jonathantissandier | Maunalua Bay, HI

@JulieSuessPhotography Julie Suess 2











When the sun cascades over a sea turtle resting floor, they take on a mesmerizing glow. 


@JeffBiegePhotography | Juno Beach, Florida











And their unmistakable beauty illuminates any environment they enter, even when human-caused-threats leave them in the care of sea turtle rehabilitation centers like Loggerhead Marinelife Center

@oceanlife23 | Juno Beach, FL

@oceanlife23 | Juno Beach, FL

LMC Sea turtle

@loggerheadmarinelifecenter | Juno Beach, FL