Where in the World is LMC?

You’ve seen us in Juno Beach, Florida, but did you know Loggerhead Marinelife Center has a major global reach? Whether it’s our hospital staff going to an overseas conference, a fishing pier in the Caribbean joining LMC’s Responsible Pier Initiative, or an awesome LMC mug sitting on a coffee table in a northern cabin, you can see LMC everywhere! We know this because we asked guests, volunteers, staff, social media followers and other friends of the center to share photos and stories with us of where they’ve seen or traveled with Loggerhead Marinelife Center merchandise**. Read on for fun stories of LMC’s recent travels.

The Cute Couple: Patrick and Corrie Patricelli

corrie-carbone-patricelli“My husband and I visited the Palm Beach area on vacation in August and made a stop at the Juno Beach Cafe for breakfast. There, we met an amazing person who goes by the name of Scoobie. During the conversation she asked if we had been to Loggerhead Marinelife Center across the street. I told her we hadn’t, but that it would be our next stop.

lmc-mug-1So after breakfast, we made the trip over to LMC and saw all the sea turtles that were being rescued. We read about Eleanor Fletcher who founded the place, and we quickly discovered she was from Holden, Massachusetts. Small world! We live in Worcester, which is about a five-minute ride from Holden. I actually went “live” on Facebook while your largest turtle was on a gurney going into the hospital for X-rays. It was awesome. And I purchased the mug in the photo from your gift shore!”

The Beach Bum: Amanda Moore


“I was traveling to the Florida Keys for a big family reunion this past summer, and I noticed at Kiki’s Sandbar that they had this old Jeep in the front of the restaurant. It was just covered in cool stickers of local businesses, bands, eateries and clothing companies. So I decided to check it out a little closer and noticed there was an LMC sticker on the car. It was really cool to see a sticker of the place I work at be somewhere I wouldn’t normally expect to find it!”


The Desert Dweller: Maya Rose

We found Maya’s photo on her Instagram account when she tagged Loggerhead Marinelife Center in this creative photo of her West Palm Beach and Florida Keys travel essentials kit! We love this look – it’s perfect for her long road trip or plane flight to Palm Beach County, all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico!


**If you have a story you’d like to share about where you’ve seen or worn LMC merch, please email Hannah at hdeadman@marinelife.org with one hi-res photo and a brief description to be featured next!