6 Ways to Be Thankful for Sea Turtles in 2016

LMC Sea turtleAs Thanksgiving rounds the corner, we’re starting to think of all we have to be grateful for, including food, shelter and of course, living in the Palm Beaches! While we have much to be thankful for, we’re calling special attention to our favorite marine animal – the sea turtle! Read on for our top six reasons you should be thankful for sea turtles this month!

  1. They’re great snorkel buddies

Whether you’re diving out on the reefs or snorkeling close to shore, sea turtles are always fun to spot while you’re in their underwater world. As long as you remember to stay at a distance and take only pictures – no flash! – you’ll love sharing the sea with these fun flippered friends.

  1. They remind us how to live

Sometimes, we all just need a little reminder about how to handle life. Without a doubt, sea turtles take things slowly. They also come up for air and let the current carry them. But, we need to do that, too! Remember to take things one day at a time, breathe when things get tough and roll with the punches.

  1. They’re a perfect ocean conservation ambassador

This year, we expanded our mission to focus on the bigger picture of ocean conservation. Luckily, sea turtles give Loggerhead Marinelife Center scientists a clear view of the health of the ocean. Unfortunately, many sea turtles that come to LMC have at least some amount of plastic in their digestive systems. Through this scientific data, LMC staff get a better idea of the oceans’ health. So, if sea turtles have plastic inside, odds are so do other marine animals.

  1. They keep our ecosystems healthy

Did you know that sea turtles play a vital role in our ocean ecosystems? That means that if sea turtles go extinct, marine ecosystems can come to a crashing halt. Sea turtles keep populations, like jellyfish or seagrass, healthy and in check. Without sea turtles, jellyfish populations would rise, seagrass beds wouldn’t grow properly, and dune ecosystems would gain less nutrients with less decomposing sea turtle egg shells in the environment.

  1. They’re everywhere in Florida

Why not get excited about this? You can “sea turtles” everywhere in Florida, like Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Guests can check out our 15 viewing tanks for an up-close and personal visit with our adorable sea turtle patients. LMC also has a variety of public programs that allow guests to see a female sea turtle nest during nesting season, experience LMC behind the scenes through a private tour and more. Visit www.marinelife.org/calendar for more information.

  1. They’re just plain cute!

‘Nuff said.