Three things we learned from the Great Give

On behalf of all Loggerhead Marinelife Center staff, volunteers, board members and supporters, we want to thank the community members who rallied around us during the Great Give on May 17. Because of our wonderful supporters, LMC raised $8,000 during #GreatGive17. These funds will greatly aid us in our mission of ocean conservation, including taking care of our beloved sea turtle patients, conducting sea turtle nesting surveys, offering unique educational programs and implementing global conservation initiatives.

Although we are incredibly grateful to those who helped us reach our goal, we know that the Great Give, powered by the United Way of Palm Beach County, Achieve, Nonprofits First and the United Way of Martin County, is more than raising money.

The Great Give is about coming together. During our outreaches at the CityPlace media event and the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County giving lounge, we met and talked with so many people from all walks of life. Some were visitors from up north, others were local artists. Some knew about LMC, and others had never heard of our work until that moment.

After the festivities concluded, we reflected on LMC’s position as a non-profit and the endless opportunities we have in Palm Beach County. We also thought about our non-profit neighbors, and were reminded that we are not alone. Though there are many lessons to learn through this experience, we’ve listed the top three things we learned about our community:

1. We’re fortunate
Philanthropy is definitely the buzzword here in Palm Beach County – and not in a bad way. With hundreds of non-profit organizations, events, and cultural assets (not to mention a gorgeous setting!) in Palm Beach County, opportunities are endless. No matter what your cause, you can find a place to fit in – a place to call home. Let’s face it, we live in one of the world’s most philanthropic-minded places, where no matter the cause, people can share the common conviction that community matters. We simply could not ask for a better place to be.

2. We’re all connected

Whether it’s the fine arts, the sciences, education or another cause, the Great Give reminds us about how we’re all connected – from Tequesta to Boca Raton and every town in between. Dozens of Palm Beach County non-profits came together at the #GreatGive17 CityPlace takeover in West Palm Beach, talking with various passersby and sharing their organization’s story. When non-profit volunteers and staff weren’t talking to people, we were catching up with one another, learning about the impacts each and every person and organization has in their community.
3. We’re unstoppable

​Thanks to events like the Great Give, the Palm Beach County community can come together. Whether an organization gives pets a loving home, helps underprivileged schoolchildren or saves sea turtles, there’s something to be said about its impact. Together, non-profits are a force to be reckoned with. They’re complex and impactful businesses that add incredible value to our community. And hey, even when the going gets tough, we know that we’re helping create a better Palm Beach County.