Four Wishes for the Ocean this Holiday SEAson

  1. We wish for trash-free seas

Some scientists estimate that more plastic than plant or animal matter will fill our oceans by 2050. Plastic never biodegrades; it only breaks up into smaller pieces. This threatens the lives of sea turtles, marine mammals, fish and other animals that call the ocean home. LMC’s conservation team and Blue Friends Society not only clean local beaches and waterways – they also sort the trash in different categories to learn about its origins and how to prevent it in the first place. Our wish is that the ocean will not continue to accumulate marine debris, but once again become, clean, blue and trash free.

  1. We wish for understanding

Our founder, Eleanor Fletcher, believed education was the most powerful tool to help save sea turtles and their ocean home. After all, we can’t just wish for trash-free seas – we have to do something about it! That is why we continue to amplify and accelerate our ocean conservation impact in Palm Beach County and around the globe. If we want change, we must take action to educate people about our mission and understand the importance of conservation. The sea turtle tells us the health of the ocean, and the ocean tells us the health of our planet. Once people understand that, it’s easier to connect the importance of conservation with daily action.

  1. We wish for healthy ecosystems

Whether it’s eating sustainable seafood, riding your bike to work or shutting off the lights when you’re not using them, we can all make a difference to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our world’s diverse and complex ecosystems. That doesn’t mean just marine ecosystems! Every creature on earth needs clean air and water. Since our ecosystems are all connected, we wish for healthy animals, plants and other creatures that make our blue planet a wonderful place to call home.

  1. We wish for ocean heroes

None of the great work we do would be possible without our dedicated and passionate team of staff, volunteers, board members and other supporters. Just like Eleanor Fletcher, we believe we need ocean heroes to help carry out our daily sea turtle and ocean conservation work – whether these heroes are young or old, local or far away. So, let’s make it happen! To get involved with Loggerhead Marinelife Center, visit