4 Unique Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

I think it’s safe to say we’re pretty familiar with the usual tips for living an earth-friendly lifestyle. Use less water. Pick up trash. Turn off the lights. But in a world that’s clothed in convenience, how can you bring your green game to the next level – not just on Earth Day, but every day? Read on for a few tips to learn how!

  1. Skip the straw

While it might seem like a small thing, single-use plastic straws are a big deal. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, so even if you use it in your iced latte for 15 minutes, it stays in the ocean for hundreds of years. Over time, the plastic breaks down into smaller pieces, which is harmful to sea turtles, fish, other wildlife and – eventually – people! Skip the straw, and try these reusable stainless steel straws instead!

  1. Go au naturale

With household products, that is! Instead of purchasing cleaning products that can be harmful to the environment, why not create your own? They’re less expensive than store-bought products, and won’t harm the ocean if disposed of down the drain. For example, white vinegar with water makes a great all-purpose cleaner. You can also add essential oils or herbs for fragrance like lemon, basil or mint. Baking soda is also perfect when you need to clean grime, grease and other tough spots.

  1. Plant a tree (or succulents, or flowers)

Let’s turn our world greener by growing some gorgeous flora. If you think you’re more of a plant-killer than a plant parent, try visiting your local nursery for drought-resistant plants like cacti or succulents, which only need a little water once a week. Or, contact your local garden club to see if they have any landscaping volunteer opportunities.

  1. Know your food

Finding out where your food comes from is key to an earth-friendly diet. And with problems like over-fishing, this is more crucial than ever. No, you don’t have to be a vegan – just double check those labels or ask your supermarket fishmonger what kind of sustainable seafood they carry. Try to also opt for free range poultry or grass-fed beef. Not only are these choices better for the animals (and you,) it also means the animals’ diets usually consist less of grains or fish meal, which are typically less sustainable feed options.

Other ways to celebrate Earth Day 2018 (Sunday, April 22) 

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens Earth Day Event (11 a.m.-3 p.m.)
The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach is hosting a free community event in honor of Earth Day. The event will “unite important local organizations dedicated to a common goal of protecting the environment and raising awareness about actions our community can take to protect the earth.” For more information, visit www.ansg.org.

Renegades Country Bar & Grill Earth Day Festival & Concert (1-5 p.m.)
Renegades Country Bar & Grill in West Palm Beach will hold its first-ever Earth Day Festival and Concert – another Morgan Renee Live Presentation, complete with a bounce house, games, face painting, vendors, food, drinks and more. A portion of sales will be donated back to LMC. That evening, Renegades will also host a concert featuring Nashville recording artists Craig Campbell and Maggie Baugh, with special guest Sarah Hardwig. To buy tickets, visit renegades.ticketspice.com/craig-campbell.