World Sea Turtle Day!

Happy World Sea Turtle Day!! On June 16 we celebrate sea turtles and think about what fascinating animals they are! Check out these fun facts about sea turtles!

  1. Turtles don’t have teeth. Instead, their upper and lower jaws have sheaths (papillae) made of keratin, the same stuff your fingernails are made of.


  1. Female sea turtles tend to return to the same general beach they hatched on to nest. “You’ll always fin your way back home.” Here on our 9.5-mile stretch of beach we are one of the most densely nested nesting beaches in the world for loggerhead sea turtles. In our 2017 season we recorded 19,085 nests. 


  1. Leatherback sea turtles eat their weight in jellyfish every day. Leatherbacks weigh anywhere from 700-1500+ pounds! “He shall be my squishy”

    PC: Brian Skerry


  1. Loggerhead sea turtles feed on crustaceans. Their jaw muscles are powerful enough to crush a conch shell with ease!


  1. Adult green sea turtles feed on seagrass and seaweed. They get their name because of their body fat’s greenish color.


  1. Hawksbills eat coral reef sponges. For most animals, these sponges are toxic due to the glass-like spines they contain. Hawksbills are immune to this, though, making their food very accessible!


  1. Did you know LMC received an olive ridley sea turtle, named Burt Reynolds. Burt Reynolds was only the fifth olive ridley to strand in Florida and the first to strand as far north as Martin County. Burt Reynolds was the second olive ridley patient at LMC.


  1. Six out of seven species of sea turtles are critically threatened or endangered. Celebrate World Sea Turtle Day by taking a step to help these threatened or endangered species! Adopt a sea turtle at LMC, join a beach cleanup, stop your use of single-use plastics! The smallest amount can make a difference.