10 reasons why you should visit Loggerhead!

Written by: Sawyer Morrow, Marketing & Public Relations Intern

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is a nonprofit sea turtle hospital, education hub and ocean conservation facility located on the beautiful waters of the Atlantic ocean. Here at Loggerhead we have a special focus on threatened and endangered sea turtles. To commemorate the love we have for our sea turtles we’ve put together a quick list of reasons why you should stop by and visit us!

    1. Sea turtles are just adorable- But you already knew that! Many people have seen turtles on television or as a far away black speck in the ocean; however, have you ever seen a sea turtle up close? At Loggerhead guests are able to come right up to the tanks and see these adorable creatures up close and personal. We have several tanks in our facility, rehabilitating turtles of all different types, shapes and sizes!
    2. We are more than what meets the eye- Our main focus is sea turtles of course but we expand far beyond their rehabilitation. We want everyone to feel involved with our center’s mission and purpose regarding sea turtles and ocean conservation. That’s why we also have daily public guided tours, fish feedings, turtle walks and so much more. Here at Loggerhead we encourage everyone to be a part of our active turtle loving community that we appreciate so dearly.
    3. Loggerhead is for people of all ages- With so much to do here we have activities and events to accommodate everyone. Our summer camp sessions are an all-time favorite for our younger turtle lovers. Kids can gain an understanding of various nature-related topics such as ecology and marine biology and most importantly a conservation emphasis. We also have opportunities for college students interested in a conservation education. And for those extra passionate turtle enthusiasts (older than 16) you can be a volunteer at our facility!
    4. We are family friendly- Our welcoming and kind staff ensure that the Loggerhead environment is a family friendly one. We are all here for the same reason, we love turtles! So our workers and volunteers are more than happy to spread their love for ocean life to all.
    5. Learn something new– Knowledge is power! There is an unlimited amount of information that can be shared about sea turtle protection and ocean conservation. That’s why we are constantly sharing and promoting new conservation facts through our educational conservation exhibits, our conservation blogs or even in our daily tours. When you come visit Loggerhead you can become your own sea turtle and water life expert!
    6. Have Fun– Yes, Loggerhead has a huge educational benefit but we are also lots of fun! It’s a heartwarming feeling to watch all of our visitors having a blast being around our sea turtles. Everyone is fascinated about how unique and incredible these sea turtles are. What’s more fun than being around sea turtles?
    7. Be a supporter while having a great time– Learning about sea turtles and being around them is just super cool! That’s why we have many annual events and celebration opportunities that are an active and fun way to be a Loggerhead supporter. We have a very popular annual Run 4 The Sea race to raise money as well as celebration options including birthday parties, baby showers, corporate parties, weddings and so much more! Surround yourself with amazing sea turtles and make your visit to Loggerhead a full on celebration day to remember.
    8. Gain memories for life- Visiting loggerhead is an experience like no other and we guarantee you can make memories here for life. With our Adopt a Turtle program, donors can say that with their donation, they were providing the food, medication, hospital care, and tank maintenance critical to their adopted turtle’s health. Sea turtle adoptions are a fun way to show your love for sea life and is a memory that will stay with you forever.
    9. Grants new apperications- Visiting Loggerhead shows individuals that sea turtles are in deep trouble and we are not without blame.  Seeing injured turtles from boat accidents and pollution makes individuals realize how important ocean conservation is. It’s one thing to see trash on the beach or hear about water pollution it’s another to see the negative effects it has first hand. Seeing injured sea turtles in rehabilitation grants a new appreciation for our environment and teaches visitors how important
      it is to take care of it.
    10. Your visit makes a difference Our Center revolves around rehabilitating all kinds of sea turtles but this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our wonderful visitors and donors. We say, “Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much.” Since we are a nonprofit organization the support we receive from our active visitors is essential to helping our sea turtles. If we all work together, we can create a passionate community of impacting individuals who will help save sea turtles and other marine life for generations to come!