Guy Harvey – A Happy Ending

Written by Sawyer Morrow, 2018 marketing intern.

Everyone loves a great success story and a heart warming happy ending! Recently, the LMC team of staff, volunteers, and supporters had the opportunity to experience the LMC version of a happy ending: a turtle release! Like many turtle patients, Guy Harvey was granted what all of us wish for them to have, permission to go home. After months of rehabilitation, we can proudly announce that Guy Harvey got his happy ending here with us at LMC, and it is a success story for the books!

Many people don’t realize how amazing and moving a turtle release is. The ideals of a public turtle release is what makes it such a special experience. Many patients like Harvey arrive at LMC with severe injuries and health conditions, but with a fantastic teamwork between the LMC staff and our patients, we do our best to ensure that their rehabilitation is a successful one.

Guy Harvey was a feisty and spirited turtle who was determined to recover and make his way back to the ocean, which is what made his release even more memorable. His spontaneous personality shined as he quickly paddled his way to the ocean water ahead; he knew it was time to return home. It is in this moment, as Guy Harvey quickly fled to the water, that everyone was moved. This is the case with all of our turtle releases here at LMC. Each turtle is unique and every rehabilitation is different, but every release gives volunteers and viewers an amazing and heartwarming feeling. To witness a patient finally return home after a long rehabilitation is a touching and memorable experience.

Another great thing about a turtle release is the supportive atmosphere. Visitors and supporters from all over come to watch our turtles be sent home. From locals to photographers, to media, the beach is packed with an exhilarated audience. Together, everyone forms a massive community of passionate turtle lovers and supporters! Don’t worry, we heard your loud cheers and hollers at Guy Harvey’s release and can’t thank everyone enough for the extensive support. Turtle releases like Guy Harvey’s are just plain cool but they are even better when we get to share them with others.

This turtle release was certainly a happy ending that everyone got to experience and be a part of. We wish Guy Harvey the best of luck on his new beginning. Sometimes a new beginning is even better than a happy ending. “Sea” you around Guy Harvey and we hope to see you and some new faces at our next release!