Loggerhead Marinelife Center Response to Red Tide in Palm Beach County – October 5

Turtle and Tank Move


Dr. Charles Manire, director of rehabilitation, & Dr. Justin Perrault, director of research, contributed to this blog.

In our effort to bring up-to-date information to our stakeholders and community, we are posting updated information about red tide and its impact in Palm Beach County below:

October 5:

All of Palm Beach County-managed beaches are open today. New signage is in place advising beachgoers of the possible effects of Red Tide and will fly one red and one purple flag – for hazardous conditions and presence of dangerous marine life.

According to FWC’s website, red tide has been detected from as far north as Hobe Sound and as far south as Coral Gables. The highest concentrations of Karenia brevis cells were detected off of Jupiter Beach, with over 1 million cells/liter present in the water.

For an updated view of affected areas, visit FWC’s Red Tide Current Status map at: http://myfwc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=87162eec3eb846218cec711d16462a72

As of this morning, our sea turtle patients are behaving normally with no signs of brevetoxicosis. Water quality tests this morning indicated no cells in our hospital water.

LMC has launched an emergency fund in an effort to better respond to this and future red tide occurrences: gofundme.com/lmc-red-tide-emergency-fund