LMC partners with statewide organizations to conduct green sea turtle research in the Keys

Photo credit: Bette Zirkelbach and Force Blue

Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s (LMC) Director of Research Dr. Justin Perrault joined research partners at Force Blue (a team of retired combat veterans focused on programs to help the world’s marine resources in the Florida Keys), The Turtle Hospital of Marathon, Inwater Research Group, and Florida Atlantic University – Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, to conduct a broad health assessment of juvenile green sea turtles in the Keys during the month of June.

This population of sea turtles has been somewhat understudied and appears to have a high incidence of the disease known as fibropapillomatosis (FP). This disease, linked to a virus, results in tumors forming on a sea turtle’s body and can be internal as well. FP impacts all species of sea turtles worldwide, with the majority being green sea turtles, some cases can be fatal.

The Florida Keys Sea Turtle Health Study’s mission is to find where green sea turtles live and feed in Keys waters, measure the incidence of FP and the turtles’ general health. The long-term collaborative effort will help researchers understand more about this sea turtle population and disease occurrence.

“We thank Force Blue and our partners for engaging with this important work and helping our veterans become involved in marine conservation through the ocean and calming nature of sea turtles,” said Dr. Perrault. “The ultimate goal is to expand upon this study, so we can learn more about this sea turtle population.”

This sea turtle research was conducted pursuant to NMFS ESA Permit No. 21169 and FWC MTP 125. Results are expected to be released upon the conclusion of the study.


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