I-Spy Marine Debris – Monofilament Edition

Through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program, Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s Conservation Team recently shipped off 43 MILES of monofilament fishing line for recycling!

Through this recycling program, the plastic monofilament fishing line collected is melted down and reused to create tackle boxes, spools for line, fish habitats, and toys!

In 2019 alone, LMC has recycled over 106.7 miles of monofilament- enough to stretch from LMC’s front door to High Rock in East Grand Bahamas!

This is just one of the types of plastic LMC removes from the marine environment during beach and underwater cleanups. Hidden in the monofilament below, can you find some of the odd items that were picked up during beach cleanups?

Hidden in the photo you will find: dice 
blue alligator 
chess piece 
snorkeling dog 
googly eye 
dog tag 
doll arm 
rubber snake 
orange cat 
Fake teeth