Blue Friday – Self Guided Beach Cleanup

For those eco-warriors who cannot attend our Blue Friday event, consider opting outside on your own! With our Blue Friday Beach Cleanup guide, you can conduct your own beach cleanup to help save our seas.

Before you begin your Beach Cleanup, download the Ocean Conservancy Clean Swell App to enter your marine debris data, then follow our guidelines below. Once you finish you beach cleanup, select “LMC Blue Friday” in the group portion on the Clean Swell App. This allows our conservation team to locate your data and add it to our extensive marine debris database, which helps us further develop our conservation initiatives.

If you do not want to download the Clean Swell App or do not want to sort your trash, you can email our Conservation Coordinator Katie O’Hara with the following information: Location (Beach, City, State); Weight of Trash Collected; Length of Cleanup; and Number of Participants.

Thank you for helping us keep our oceans healthy and blue!