Maintain your Eco-Resolution

As we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020, most of us have made New Year’s resolutions to start off the year. Some of us may have made resolutions to become healthier, travel more, learn a new language, or start a new hobby. On the other hand, some of us may have made eco-resolutions.

No matter what your resolution may be, change can be difficult and easily given up on. Especially when there are holidays like “Ditch Your New Years Resolution Day” on January 17th. However, with a can-do attitude and best practices in mind, a more sustainable lifestyle is attainable. In fact, research shows that it takes two months for a habit to become automated. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain your eco-goals in 2020!

Ditch the Plastic

Reducing plastic use is a great place to start when trying to think of eco-friendly resolutions. But, where exactly DO you start with this resolution? There are so many ways that we can reduce plastics in our everyday life that it can overwhelming.

To maintain this resolution, it is a good idea to start off with reducing just one or two single-use items. For example, not requesting a plastic straw when ordering food or bringing a reusable bag when you are shopping. Taking small steps can be a promising formula when changing your daily routine.

Another eco-resolution you may have is reducing the number of plastics in your house. This includes shower necessities, cleaning products, food containers, and so on. This, too, is a daunting task to do all at once. Instead, start off by taking the plastic out of one room at a time. If you are starting with your kitchen you can buy in bulk, use reusable storage bags, or use bee’s wax wraps. Starting in your bathroom? Companies make shampoo and conditioners in bars or in reusable containers. Want to stop buying containers of cleaning supplies? Make your own cleaning solutions at home!

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Remember, tiny adjustments and realistic goals are best when making a change to your lifestyle. So, another eco-resolution for you to explore might be reducing your carbon footprint. Reducing your carbon footprint can be done with simple activities in mind.

A great place to reduce your carbon footprint is going to the green/farmer’s market. By buying local, you are reducing the number of fossil fuels, pollution, and packaging being produced. The food at farmer markets normally travel short distances and are generally grown in ways that minimize the impact on the earth. Buying locally also keeps your money local. Not to mention, the food tastes fresh and ripe!

If you don’t have the time to go to the green/farmer’s markets, you can grow food at your home. One approach to consider is growing your own spices at home. There are endless resources on how to start your own garden. By growing your own food they are 100% organic, no fossil fuels used, and the reward of growing your own food!

Let’s say these two options are out of the picture, you could compost all your food waste. Create a bin where you can throw all your coffee grounds, eggshells, and vegetable shavings.

Knowing you CAN Make a Difference

It may seem cliché, but one person really can make a difference! Big changes come from small, everyday actions. In today’s age, single-use plastics are being used because of their convenience, but we may not think about the consequences. However, if we all start by reducing and refusing single-use plastic, there will be a lesser need to produce it. And reducing our carbon footprints can help save ecosystems like our precious coral reefs! Keeping these eco-resolutions in mind will have a two-fold impact on your health and the betterment of our planet.