Remodeled Gift Store Sits as the Preamble of our Waves of Progress Expansion

Remodeled gift store sits as the preamble of our Waves of Progress Expansion for Loggerhead Marinelife Center's Sea Turtle Hospital.
The newly remodeled gift store at Loggerhead Marinelife Center, which nearly doubles the previous space.

Remodeled Gift Store

The only constant is change – and this statement has been a standalone truth for 2020 and our organization ever since our founder Eleanor Fletcher began teaching children out of her house in 1983. Then in 1985, we morphed into the Children’s Museum of Juno Beach, and later became the 12,000 square-foot campuses we’re known for today in 2007. But now, we are proud to say that for the first time in over 13 years, our on-campus gift store received a healthy dose of change and a little TLC, too.

This past November, our gift store got its first major facelift and doubled its original space with a much brighter, airier look. It’s another marker of just how far we’ve come with your unflagging support, from its humble beginnings located in a trailer with a few shelves next to our outdoor hospital. With an additional 860 square-feet and new touches on the flooring, lighting, fixtures, painting, shelving, and POS systems, we have arrived as a luxury gift store and welcome you to experience it yourself.

Given the holiday season, it’s the most fitting time to get a glimpse and give back with every purchase you make. With any one of your holiday purchases, you are bringing more funds to our Waves of Progress capital campaign, which will help our expansion and ultimately save more sea turtles, drive more research and educate visitors on a much greater scale. Additionally, we rolled out the Choice Matters program this year to make shoppers even more confident about what they place in their cart. 

Whether online or in-store, take a look at the items that are color-marked in the Choice Matters program to see how your purchase can make an impact. For instance, blue indicates that items have been made in the United States and green represents reduced waste or products that have been made with reusable, recyclable, repurposed, and compostable materials. Lastly, orange showcases responsibly sourced items that support fair trade, help employ underdeveloped communities or donate to specific causes. 

Overall, if there’s something we’ve learned from this year, it’s that there are some things that are out of our control. But also that some things are, and to always look and refine the areas for which we have a handle on. And in this case, it’s the gift store that sings as our opening act to what we have authority over – and that’s a clamp on ocean conservation as we near the end of our extraordinary capital expansion! 

Loggerhead Marinelife Center's expanded gift store features new, luxury, and sustainable items that support sea turtle and ocean conservation.
Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s expanded gift store features new, luxury, and sustainable items that support sea turtle and ocean conservation.


*All purchases made through Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s retail directly support sea turtle and ocean conservation. However, the Choice Matters sustainable commerce program takes this one step further. The program focuses on highlighting items in one of three categories (Made in the USA, Reduced Waste, or Responsible Sourcing), as well as using sustainable packaging to ship orders. Learn more at Choice Matters.