JMB Summer Camp: Week 3

JMB campers try their hand at sustainable fishing practices on the Juno Beach Pier.

Another Exciting Week For JMB Campers at LMC Summer Camp

As we wave a big goodbye to this week, we want to thank every single one of our amazing Junior Scientists for being so eager to learn and experience the life of a scientist at Loggerhead Marinelife center! During our Sea Turtle Savers Week, your children came through to have fun with new friends and explore their academic and scientific passion. We could really see the passion that every one of them had as they were able to participate in events that prove their skill as responsible, bright, and happy veterinarians, marine biologists, and researchers.

The campers this week eagerly attended several scientific seminars that taught them the ins and outs of everything regarding sea turtles. These seminars prepared them for the active work that our staff at LMC do every day. They were able to gather up the sea turtle knowledge necessary for a marine researcher. But, all of this learning didn’t just sit inside the classroom! The whole week’s activities and events made sure to make practical use of every new fact your kids learned.

Right next to our Juno Beach campus, the campers made almost daily trips down to the beach to examine, protect, and learn from it. This beach, which is one of the most active sea turtle nesting sites in the world, holds an absolute haven for biodiversity. Since it’s a space shared by our native marine animals as well as us humans, the campers quickly learned about the importance of respecting their environment. They led and partook in extended sive beach clean ups, where they did their part to let everyone keep enjoying the ocean. In doing this, they were able to see right in front of them the effect of human created waste, and the importance of taking a stand to remove it.

On our very own Juno Beach pier, our campers learned the importance of fishing with responsibility. Being confident, capable, and competent anglers came naturally to most of the campers, and we ended up with successful and fun-filled fishing trips! Fishing is a sport that many members of our community participate in, but for the junior marine biologists at camp this summer, just participating wasn’t enough. Here, they learned about proper techniques as well as etiquette that made pier fishing an enjoyable activity for everyone involved--including the little fish who call the pier their home.


Off campus, our junior marine biologists also went on frequent field trips in order to get to understand local nature in different ways, with field trips to local parks, trail walks and learning centers! Right around us we have nature reserves and state parks that work with us here at LMC to help educate visitors and give everyone a chance to enjoy the natural world.

To channel their imaginations, the campers made creative art pieces that reflected everything they learned.

We are so glad and grateful that you trusted LMC to let your children. Our team welcomes you to join again next year to continue their blooming passion for the ocean, marine life, and science!


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