HallowMarine at Loggerhead Marinelife Center, A Spook-Tacular Event!

Join us on Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 29-30th, 2022) for LMC’s first annual HallowMarine. This family event will feature a range of activities like safe and sustainable trick-or-treating, pumpkin splash show, and visits with our patients!

  • Come dressed in your favorite Halloween costume (bonus points for ocean-inspired outfits!) for a campus-wide trick-or-treat. Designated doors will be decorated using 100% upcycled materials and marine debris. All treats will come from the sustainably sourced candy list.
  • Watch the aquarium residents enjoy a pumpkin treat! The pumpkin splash enrichment activity begins at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Students from G-STAR School of the Arts, the Benjamin School, and Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy have been chosen to carve pumpkins for this activity.
  • Trick, treat, and grab something to eat! The Tortuga Café is open till 5 pm.
  • Participate in LMC's Unwrap the Waves contest. Drop off candy wrappers for a zero-waste Halloween. Last year, 730,595 candy wrappers were recycled


Other tips for a sustainable Halloween:

  • Host a costume swap! Re-use and Repurpose old costumes with your friends.
  • When tick-or-treating use a pillowcase or reusable bag instead of bags made of disposable plastic. Avoid purchasing hard plastic jack-o-lanterns.