Turtles get CT scans the same way that humans do!

Last week, Loggerhead Marinelife Center patients Romeo, Smalls, and Buoy took a trip to Jupiter Medical Center. To give our veterinarian team insight into how LMC patients are recovering, the turtles received a CT scan from Dr. Lee Fox. These CT scans provide detailed internal images of the turtles and more information than plain X-rays.

Romeo was brought to LMC as a floater, which indicates gas in the GI tract. This recent scan showed that there was no blockage in his tract, just a lack of functional motility. This sub-adult green has responded very well to treatment and is now able to remain low in the water table!

Buoy has undergone several surgeries to remove fibropapilloma tumors from the eyes and flippers in a staged, slow fashion to maximize healing. Fortunately, the CT scan results show that no internal tumors are growing. LMC veterinarian team performed another successful surgery on the juvenile green yesterday.

Smalls, a juvenile green, was found in Jensen Beach severely emaciated and debilitated. Constipation has been a recurrent problem for this patient and is being addressed through medication and diet changes. The results of the CT scan show that Smalls may be suffering from a possible renal cyst.


We want to extend a special thank you to Jupiter Medical Center for their support and use of the facility. These procedures directly support our rehabilitation efforts and overall patient well-being!