Dr. Heather Barron Speaks at the Largest Vet Conference in the United States

Last week, Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Heather Barron, attended the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) in Orlando, Fl. VMX is the largest vet conference in the United States gathering a crowd of over 28,000 attendees for a week of world-class education from global industry leaders.

Dr. Barron gave several talks, workshops, and master classes on topics including sea turtle shell repair, wildlife emergencies, wound management, and one health. This outreach is essential to achieving our organizational vision of being a leading authority locally and internationally in ocean conservation via sea turtle research, rehabilitation, and educational programs.

In addition to educating at VMX, Dr. Barron had the opportunity to learn about the emerging, cutting-edge materials being used in veterinary medicine. This ensures that LMC is informed on the current best practices for treating our sea turtle patients.