LMC’s Green Building: An investment worth making

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is known for sea turtles, guest experiences and educational programs. But did you know that LMC’s 12,000 square-foot campus is a certified “Green Commercial Building”?

When LMC began making plans for the new campus – built in 2007 – we sought to live out the conservation lifestyle we promote every day through how the campus would be built. Our hope was to create an environmentally friendly facility, and even inspire guests to consider using similar techniques at home.

LMC was the first building in Florida to apply for green certification from the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) and the second to be designated as such. LMC also purchased 100 percent of its energy from renewable energy sources, which would offset more than 303,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, over 700 pounds of nitrous oxide and more than 1,200 pounds of sulfur dioxide every year.

After meeting with a “green” consultant, LMC implemented a variety of green initiatives across campus in order to be certified and set an example for the community. Below, you’ll learn about a handful of our green features on campus, including ones you didn’t know existed! You can learn about all of our green building initiatives by searching for the green plaques tucked around our Juno Beach campus.

Energy performance

To maximize energy performance, we use efficient compact florescent light bulbs, external shading with Bahama shutters and covered walkways, laminated impact glass to better insulate the building and more. We also use energy from clean renewable sources like solar, wind and geothermal power.LMC looking west

Water usage

Since we promote ocean conservation, LMC works hard to reduce water usage. Our total reduction in water use is estimated to be more than 77,000 gallons per year. This happens through our installation of several utilities such as our low volume toilets, sensor faucets and our reusable water bottle filler, which has helped reduce almost 50,000 disposable water bottles since its installation.

Building design

Our building design includes a variety of features that help us cut costs, improve the well-being of our employees and guests and reduce our environmental impact. For example, LMC recycled and salvaged 85 percent of construction, demolition and land cleaning materials when building the new campus. We also provide resources for those who choose alternative travel methods, like our secure bicycle storage area and hybrid vehicle parking spaces. Meanwhile, our low light poles with shielded fixtures help minimize light pollution, helping reduce the impact on sea turtle hatchlings making their way to sea.


In order to provide the best health and well-being to our staff, animals and guests, LMC has implemented a no-smoking policy, carbon dioxide monitoring, increased health ventilation effectiveness through high efficiency HVAC units and more. Our building finishes are free of toxins, and the grates at front of our lobby trap dirt to help reduce bringing in potentially hazardous chemicals.

An investment worth making

Although green features added more than $92,000 to the cost of the building, we save about $10,000 per year because of them. That means that we’ll recover the cost to “go green” in about 10 years. LMC also recently established a Campus Sustainability Initiative for its employees, which aims to reduce unnecessary waste on campus.

Interested in learning more about our green initiatives? Next time you’re here, check out the green plaques on campus that detail all of them, including the ones we talked about here. See if you can find them all!