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Leatherback Nesting Season Week 11: The Final Week

The final week of the 2019 leatherback nesting season for the LMC night crew has come to a close. We’ve had an absolute blast working with these magnificent creatures over the last 11 weeks and we’re all sad to see it end. The season has definitely started to wind down, as we only encountered one…

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Leatherback Nesting Season Week 10: The Penultimate Week

The second to last week of the night crew’s 2019 leatherback season is complete. Even though the calendar says their season should be winding down, the turtles definitely did not receive that message. We encountered 10 leatherbacks, bringing our total number of sampled females to 92, and we have seen all but two of them…

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Leatherback Nesting Season Week 8 Update: Body Condition Study

This has been a special and extremely exciting week for our night crew on Juno Beach.  In collaboration with Upwell, a California based marine research and conservation 501(c)3 nonprofit, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, we have been able to help weigh nesting leatherback turtles!!  Our goal is to examine and score the body condition…

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Leatherback Nesting Season Week 6 and Injuries Update

Week Six started off slowly for nesting leatherbacks, however activity picked up rather quickly!  We ended the week with 10 individuals to bring our total number of sampled females to 50!!  The night crew were able to catch three turtles for the second time this nesting season: Shirleen, Sage, and Kitty!  We also encountered seven…

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2019 Leatherback Nesting Season: Week 4 Recap

Juno Beach and Jupiter are teeming with activity, which is keeping the night crew quite busy into the early morning hours. Week Four brought ten leatherback nesters onto the beach, bringing the total number of sampled mothers to 32!! Some turtles of interest in include a pair mothers who were first tagged back in 2003,…

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The 2019 leatherback season is here!

A new leatherback season is upon us and there has been no shortage of activity on Juno Beach.  Nightly beach patrols have been underway since April 1, and we were lucky enough to see some turtles that very night! Our first encounter of the season was Shirleen, who was first tagged a few years ago…

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