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Week 7: Daytime Nesters, Strandings, and More!

Night crew is now past the half way point of the season, but is still keeping up with the momentum. There were 8 encounters this week! We saw two leatherbacks for the second time, Katabatik (tagged in 2008) and Angie (tagged in 2012). The other five ladies were first time encounters this season. We encountered…

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2019 Leatherback Nesting Season: Week Five Recap

Week five is a wrap! Leatherbacks are now up to 78 nests. Night crew encountered 9 individuals this week, some returners and some new nesters. The first encounter was Kitty. This is our first time seeing her this season, but was originally tagged in 2010. Her carapace was 143.2cm (4.69 ft) long. Virginia was the…

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2019 Leatherback Nesting Season: Week Three Recap

Another successful week has gone by, on about 9.5 miles of beach, we are up to 41 nests. We have encountered 7 individuals this week. The first lovely lady we saw was named Buttercup, who was first tagged in 2012 and we last saw her in 2016. Her carapace length was 150.3 cm (4.93 feet).…

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