HallowMarine Blackwater Images

Images are copyright of Linda Ianniello

Meet The Artist

Photographer: Linda Ianniello
Website: https://lindaiphotography.com/galleries/

"I have been scuba diving and taking underwater images for over 30 years. My favorite type of photography has always been macro photography, where half the challenge is finding the small, unusual subjects. I enjoy finding new creatures, identifying them, and learning about their behavior. When a local dive operator started doing “blackwater” dives I became interested and was quickly hooked. I have done over 400 blackwater dives locally, in just a little over 8 years, as well as traveling to Indonesia and the Philippines to do these dives."

What Linda loves about the ocean:
"This part of the ocean is fascinating to me because there is a broad diversity of small subjects to be seen on black water dives, such as fish and mollusk larvae; a variety of shrimps and crabs, both larvae and adults; gelatinous zooplankton traveling with the current (jellyfish, salps and siphonophores); and sea snails (pteropods, heteropods and gymnosomes) that spend their entire life cycle in the water column. Aside from the challenge of finding a subject, a lot of these creatures don’t like the dive lights and will either head for the surface or the deep very quickly; it is very challenging underwater photography."