Annual Go Blue Awards Sponsorship

The Twelfth Annual Go Blue Awards
October 23, 2020
Connect to influential professionals around the world

Elevate your brand at the 12th Annual Go Blue Awards with a Virtual Sponsorship Package


The Go Blue Awards celebrates individuals and organizations making strides in ocean conservation. The 2020 awards will also feature a live presentation by world-renowned National Geographic Photographer and Speaker, Joel Sartore.


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Special Guest: Joel Sartore


This year, the event will feature renowned photographer Joel Sartore, as the keynote speaker who has dedicated 25 years with National Geographic Magazine. In addition to being a life-risking wildlife photographer, Sartore is also an acclaimed speaker, author, teacher, and creator of the National Geographic project, The Photo Ark. The Photo Ark is the largest collection of animal studio portraits in the world.

Sartore’s keynote presentation will take guests on a journey packed with humor, inspiration, and personal anecdotes from the field while sharing his career insights on raising awareness to save species from extinction.