Climate Change and Our Oceans:

The Ocean is the Heart of Our Global Climate System

Global climate change poses a threat to our oceans and marine life, but we can work together to research the impacts and care for our planet.

As climate change effects will impact human and natural environments, it’s imperative that Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC), adapts to climate change, mitigates climate change impacts, continues to develop sustainable initiatives, and conducts research to reduce climate change impacts.

In alignment with our mission, LMC is committed to producing accurate, scientific information to support conservation and preservation of marine life and natural resources. As a leader in ocean conservation, we believe in increasing public understanding of environmental issues and pledge to help design science-based solutions.

To help improve the health of our planet, LMC currently studies the impact of a changing climate on marine life and works towards reducing the impacts. Climate change impacts on marine life and our oceans include:
• Increased or altered temperature can affect animal and plant reproduction and have a direct effect on sea turtle sex determination
• Climate change can cause acidification of our oceans
• The ocean is losing oxygen and creating dead zones where nothing can live
• Sea level rise can cause sea turtle nest habitat loss
• Increased storm activity can cause sea turtle nest loss

To combat these impacts, LMC creates environmental solutions, educational environmental programming and works to minimize its own carbon footprint. These actions include:
• Promoting clean energy and reducing emissions
• Inspiring conservation and education
• Working with local government to Support climate policies
• Protecting and restoring critical ecosystems
• Nature-based solutions

Community Empowerment and Initiatives

As a leader in ocean conservation, it’s our responsibility to empower our community to help combat climate change. Through business and community initiatives and public programming, we can help our community adapt and improve.


Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

LMC strives to continually reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint within our daily operations. Following green certification best practices, our 2021 expanded campus utilizes solar power, LED lights, energy efficient water management, and limited presence of single-use plastics on campus.

Regularly, LMC incentivizes guests, volunteers and staff to participate in green practices, as well as reducing their use of single-use plastics. As part of our commitment, LMC only sells beverages in recyclable containers on campus and uses sustainable shipping materials for its retail efforts. In 2021, we strive to make LMC events carbon neutral by offsetting energy use.

How We Act On Our Conservation Goals

With a commitment to improving the health of marine life and our oceans, we strive to meet our conservation goals by designing actionable solutions and initiatives, advocating for the health of marine life and our oceans, and educating others about environmental issues.

Through our conservation programs, we work with businesses and restaurants to use sustainably and locally sourced ingredients to help combat environmental issues. We continue to strive to improve our facility and utilize low-carbon alternatives.