Why Swim?

Why swim?

Serving The World’s Imperiled Marine Life (SWIM)

With Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s (LMC) growing connections with conservation organizations worldwide, it has become clear that there are many of these organizations that would benefit tremendously from additional volunteer and financial support. One of the biggest challenges of conservation education is finding creative and engaging ways to spread awareness of the global challenges facing our world ocean.

We make travel look (do) good.

  • Rest easy each night knowing your hard work is helping marine life survive and improving the health of the world ocean
  • Proceeds from SWIM eco tours go directly to the host conservation organization to help fund critical research, rehabilitation and education efforts
  • All activities included in SWIM tours are conducted responsibly and abide by the best practices for viewing, handling and interacting with wild life
  • SWIM guides are trained biologists and experienced naturalists that offer a unique and in-depth look at some of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems.

Experience a unique vacation like never before.
While our eco tours are crafted around the needs of each conservation organization, they are also catered to deliver the best and most unique experience for you.

What You Will Get (and Give):

  • Assist conservation organizations with their day-to-day efforts and special projects
  • Provide support for non-profit conservation organizations in need of volunteer and financial assistance
  • Take an active role in global conservation efforts to help minimize the effects of human impacts on marine life
  • Explore diverse ecosystems while learning about their ecological importance in local communities