2016 Vendor Spotlights

Gift Store Vendor Spotlight

At Loggerhead Marinelife Center, we value local businesses and artists. They help keep Palm Beach County’s coastal scene unique – especially through pieces that highlight marine life! One of the ways we support local merchants is by selling their jewelry, art and other items in LMC’s gift store. And of course, with so many talented vendors around, we just couldn’t let their stories of how they got into the biz go unheard. Whether you love handmade jewelry, unique paintings or anything in between, get to know our vendors here!


November 2016Mermaid Tales – With Norm Gitzen (Sculptures and carpentry)

October 2016 – Talk Turtle-y To Me – With Kelly Skylar Mandell (Handmade bracelets)

September 2016 – A Fresh Breath of Salt Air – With Geoffrey Schmidt (Salt scrubs)

August 2016 – Psychedelic Seas – With Alex Williams (Original artwork and decals)

July 2016 – Seas of Color – With Kelly Jane Tracht (Original artwork and home décor)

June 2016 – Mapping Pisces Island – With Laura Mulholland (Jewelry and crocheted accessories)