2020 Go Blue Awards Finalists – Business

Blue Business Award Finalists:

The Blue Business of the Year Award recognizes a business that has made outstanding contributions toward promoting and encouraging conservation, restoration, or preservation of marine life and/or marine ecosystems through their business practices, products or technology.


Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa - Manalapan, Florida

Eau is the French word for water. With the Atlantic Ocean at our doorstep, it is the inspiration for everything we do at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa. We know that the ocean is a part of the magic we create, which is why we are committed to doing our part in keeping our beach and oceans clean and healthy.

For the past three years we have been a proud partner of Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Through this partnership, we have had the amazing opportunity to sponsor three sea turtles and provide the funding for their rehabilitation and release back into the wild. Our partnership also supports the Loggerhead Research Department. Each of our sea turtles have received a tracking device upon their release, allowing our impact to not only be for the individual sea turtle itself, but for the species as a whole.

Because of the location of our ocean front resort, we have been able to host public sea turtle releases on our property. These releases gathered hundreds of people, and guests from the resort were also able to attend, spreading the message of ocean conservation to people from all over the world.

Another way we are committed to sustainability is through our efforts to conserve water. Every guest room is equipped with an informational flyer that explains our partnership with LMC, best practices if a sea turtle or hatchlings are seen on our beach, discusses water conservation efforts within the hotel, and gives guests the option to not get their towels washed daily. Our Food and Beverage department also contributes to our sustainability initiatives. Our restaurants only serve paper straws and use local purveyors to source seasonal, local, regionally grown products.

At Eau, we are committed to our efforts to do our part in protecting the world’s oceans and passing on that dedication and passion to every single one of our guests. With our name meaning water, it is a part of who we are, and we strive to do our part in keeping our oceans pristine.


Hogsnappers - Tequesta, Florida

As a community leader in sustainability and ocean conservation, Hog Snappers Shack and Sushi goes the extra mile to reduce single-use plastics in their restaurant while sourcing and promoting sustainable seafood options throughout their menu. Hog Snappers is continually seeking out the newest, most sustainable packaging options to keep our oceans plastic-free and marine life safe. They are also always on the lookout for the best local, sustainable seafood options to keep our oceans healthy and thriving for years to come.

By putting sustainability at the forefront, Hog Snappers, as a business, is committed to a culture of sustainability from the inside out.

The Hog Snappers employees are encouraged to incorporate sustainability in their everyday lives, not just while at work! Hog Snappers also hosts monthly brunches and donates 10% to nonprofits in the community!

Hog Snappers has not only phased out all unnecessary single-use plastic items from their establishment (straws, to-go boxes, plastic utensils, etc.) but has gone a step above in ocean conservation by seeking out and sourcing the most sustainable seafood options available. By offering items like local lionfish ceviche, Hog Snappers is going the extra mile to help eliminate a species of fish that is invasive to Florida waters and raising awareness of the issue through how they choose to supply their seafood.

By serving as a sustainability leader in their community, Hog Snappers serves as a model for other restaurants looking to make the switch to becoming an ocean-centric restaurant and should be recognized for their impressive implementation of sustainable plastic reduction and seafood practices!

KInd Traveler 4x6-01

Kind Traveler - Manhattan Beach, California

•Describe the nominee\'s marine conservation activities and accomplishments which have produced a positive impact and/or significant change.

Kind Traveler is the world’s 1st Give + Get hotel booking and media platform that empowers travelers to positively impact the communities they visit. The way it works is simple: Travelers unlock exclusive hotel rates and perks upon a $10 nightly donation to a vetted charity in the destination visited, or to a charity of choice. 100% of donations go to charity, creating a triple win amongst the traveler, hotel and charity – while also creating a revolutionary way in making it easy to participate in sustainable and responsible tourism that positively impacts local communities and the environment.

All of Kind Traveler’s impact goals are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Kind Traveler currently represents 120 Kind Hotels and 70 charities in 15 countries (and growing). Many of the charities Kind Traveler is partnered with are addressing Global Goal 14, working to sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems. Some of the charities Kind Traveler has partnered with to empower

travelers to support marine conservation efforts when they travel kindly include: Manta Trust, Marine Mammal Care Center LA, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Russian Riverkeeper, North Shore Education Coalition, Surfrider Foundation Miami Chapter, Ocean Institute, and Point Reyes National Seashore Association.

Another unique aspect of the Kind Traveler platform is in the way the impact opportunity inspires and educates travelers. For example, “What $10 Can Do” is highlighted on every charity microsite, emphasizing that a $10 can go a long way while providing specific impact metrics. For example, a $10 donation to the Manta Trust will take one Maldivian child snorkeling for the day, or it can provide three meals to a rescued sea lion with Marine Mammal Care Center LA.

In terms of impact, one example of donations garnered through Kind Traveler: 600 injured or sick marine mammals on the Pacific Coast received care

•How does the nominee's corporate culture benefit marine life and marine conservation?

Kind Traveler encourages its team to travel and visit with Kind Hotels and Kind Charities in helping to the story of what it looks like to ‘travel kindly’ in destinations. Many of the team members are engaged in storytelling on the Kind Traveler Blogzine and social media in sharing their experience to inspire others.

One example of this is when Kind Traveler’s Director of Business Development and Partner, Nicole Huertas, went to the Maldives to visit with Manta Trust and Kind Hotels, Hurawalhi and Kudadoo Private Island. Both resorts are heavily involved in manta ray conservation as the Maldives plays home to one of the largest manta ray populations in the world. Nicole and her husband, Jon Huertas, also an actor on NBC’s popular This Is Us show, went snorkeling with the Manta Trust and later shared their story on the Kind Traveler Blog: “This Is Us’ Jon Huertas: a Kind Traveler in the Maldives - https://www.kindtraveler.com/content/us-jon-huertas-kind-traveler-maldives

•Does the nominee support and encourage employees to actively participate in volunteer activities related to marine conservation?

The Kind Traveler team gets involved with impact projects in a variety of ways. One example of team involvement was reflected in a World Ocean’s Day initiative where we hosted team members and ambassadors to Marine Mammal Care Center LA and Terranea Resort to learn more about the type of impact a $10 donation can make through a private tour and why such donations are so important.

The initiative also included in participating in a sustainability tour and overnight stay with Terranea Resort to learn about the many unique sustainability initiatives they have in place while also participating in a kayak excursion through a kelp forest where we cleaned trash out of the ocean. Each individual utilized social media, personal blogs, and video to tell the story of the opportunity that exists for other travelers to travel kindly.

•Describe the nominee\'s products or services that support marine life and marine conservation.

Through Kind Traveler’s Give + Get hotel booking platform, travelers can support marine life and marine conservation charities with the simple act of booking a Kind Hotel. Additionally, Kind Traveler’s Blogzine seeks to educate travelers on the importance of ocean conservation while inspiring and empowering activism with ways to get involved.

The blog stories are distributed across Kind Traveler’s newsletter of 200,000+ subscribers and 150,000+ social media fans. Here are a few example stories that illustrate how Kind Traveler supports marine conservation through storytelling:

6 Eco-Warriors Share Their Favorite Ocean Conservation Wins for World Oceans Day: https://www.kindtraveler.com/content/6-eco-warriors-share-their-favorite-ocean-conservation-wins-world-oceans-day

10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet: https://www.kindtraveler.com/content/10-tips-divers-protect-ocean-planet


Award Recipient - One World Zero Waste
Jupiter, Florida

One World Zero Waste has been a complete trail blazer in conservation efforts in South Florida and in particular to the north county area. We live in a beautiful coastal community that is enjoyed by many but there was no one educating or providing alternative resources to single use plastic.

One World Zero Waste has provided through its many speaking engagements, green market presence as well as retail store a place for people of different backgrounds and ages to learn about the detriment of plastic on our health and the health of our environment.

Their store shows how striving for a zero waste lifestyle is not only attainable but simple through their locally made and sourced products. Products like unpaper towels, reusable utensils/ straws and cloth bags all eliminate the need for single use products that too often end up in our waterways injuring and/or killing marine life.

As a One World Zero Waste employee I witnessed first hand the commitment Elana and Stephen have in making positive changes to how we view our consumption of items that have a negative effect on our planet. They have established an atmosphere of learning and sharing that benefits us all. I have watched as multiple generations of families come in to the store to learn how they too can make a difference.

I proudly nominate One World Zero Waste for Blue Business of the Year not only for what they have accomplished to date but for their ongoing efforts because they are just getting started. And with their dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm the future is bright for marine life.

One World Zero Waste Testimonials

One World Zero Waste is 100% dedicated to cleaning up the oceans by helping people live a zero waste lifestyle. They help and teach people in their many talks all over the county about how to live without plastics or waste. They sell great items and have changed lives. They talk through Loggerhead, clean the beaches & is a great store for the environment. They deserve an award for all their dedication to making the world, oceans & people’s lives Es cleaner & safer

One World Zero Waste is blessing lives and our community in SO many ways! They are waste/plastic free and TOTALLY live up to their name! I can always find the healthiest, organic products at their store, while helping the environment as well! So thankful I stumbled upon them many many months ago!

This company is deserving of this award because of their commitment to plastic free Connor paper free and reusable products. They are constantly looking for new ways to improve lifestyles with commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Incredible new business run by a young couple who has an wonderful mission

One World Zero Waste is based on the proposition that we can live and prosper without adhering to the “use it & throw it away” consumer culture we have all become accustomed to over the years. Eliminate plastics as much possible, eliminate throw away containers and products as much as possible, create a smaller waste footprint from daily living. This all keeps debris and pollutants away from our precious marine life and the seas and beaches. Protecting marine life begins higher up the chain of consumption at One World Zero Waste, IMHO.

Great store promoting eliminating waste and plastic with environmentally sensitive products

This nominee does so much to bring ecological and conservation awareness to our general community. They offer products and methods that not only make a difference, but because they are interesting and fun to implement they encourage widespread use and so become even more effective.

This company promotes and encourages conservation, restoration, or preservation of all natural resources.