LMC Emergency Relief Fund

Our Lifesaving Work Never Stops, Our Sea Turtles Need Your Help

Dear Friend of Loggerhead Marinelife Center, During these trying times for all of us,we are thinking of you and hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Although our center is closed to the public, we must continue our essential life saving research and rehabilitation work to care for 19 sea turtle patients and monitor one of the world’s most densely nested sea turtle beaches. Our care and protection of these endangered species cannot stop regardless of the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in right now. Our work must continue, but we need your help. Under normal operations our guests on campus help support our financial operating needs. Last year, our Center welcomed over 360,000 guests which provided essential funds for our Center through:

  • Generous donations to our Annual Fund
  • Programs and special events
  • Shopping in our gift store

Now that our campus is closed to the public, our normal revenue streams have stopped completely. However, our lifesaving mission and expenses continue. During these times, we must still admit and care for patients and monitor and protect one of the world’s most densely nested sea turtle beaches. We need your help to ensure the livelihood of sea turtles!

Currently, we have 19 sea turtle patients on campus receiving around-the-clock, premium care. Food, medical supplies, test kits, are all critical to ensure our patients survive and return healthy to the wild. Our sea turtle patients and our dedicated hospital team depend on your support.

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Every year, you help us accomplish so much. Together in 2019, we:

Cared for and released 112 sea turtle patients back to their ocean home. Removed 209,000 pieces of marine debris from the environment. Monitored and protected 20,998 sea turtles nests on our 9.5-mile stretch of beach. Welcomed over 360,000 guests free of charge on our Campus to learn about our sea turtle patients and their ocean home. 

During this time, we need your support to sustain our operations:

Virtual Educational Programs: We have launched our innovative digital platform, LMC’s Virtual Coastal Classroom. In the last two days, we have welcomed over 30,000 (and growing) digital guests with curriculum driven learning modules offered free to the world every day at 2 p.m. EST on Facebook LIVE. Please help support our educators so we can deliver educational programming to the world.

Sea Turtle Nesting Season: During this time, we must continue to mark and protect sea turtle nests on one of the world’s most important sea turtle nesting beaches. Last nesting season, we marked and protected over 21,000 sea turtle nests, which produced an estimated 1.35 million hatchlings. These endangered animals need us to be their voice, we cannot let these nests go unmonitored. Please help our team continue their life saving work.

Conservation Programs: Last year, we removed and catalogued over 200,000 pieces of marine debris helping to clean and protect one of the world’s most important sea turtle nesting beaches. During sea turtle nesting season, it’s even more critical to keep our beaches and coastal ecosystems clean. As our team continues it’s conservation efforts, they produce innovative “sort reports,” which power the next generation of insights on how we combat microplastics and marine debris. These research reports provide NOAA and the Ocean Conservancy with critical data on the health of our ocean, marine life and ultimately us. Please help us continue our clean coastline conservation programs.

Education and Inspiration – The Core Of Our Mission: Last year you helped us educate and inspire over 74,000 registered students through our innovative STEM-infused learning programs. During this time, our Education Team has continued to serve students by offering free resources through our Educator Portal and supporting education partners with lesson plans and activities on sea turtle and ocean conservation for their students. We are so fortunate that our education programs are able to leverage one of the planet’s most inspirational animal ambassadors, our sea turtle patients. Please help our educators continue to bring knowledge and inspiration to the world.Because of you, we are able to make Waves Of Progress. You are a key partner in all that we do.We are in this together and we will get through this together. To help power our essential operations, we have established a LMC Emergency Relief Fund. Supporters like you can help us continue our lifesaving work by making a donation. Donate Now


LMC is so much more than a fun coastal destination here in beautiful Juno Beach, Florida. Because of you, LMC is a community of passionate individuals dedicated to educating the next generation to protect sea turtles and our magnificent oceans. LMC’s spirit comes from our amazing team of volunteers, staff, board, volunteers, and donors. We also thrive in our great relationships with our students, guests, teachers, and our entire community. Thank you for being a part of our amazing team.

We are united by our shared passion for sea turtle and ocean conservation and with your continued support and trust, we will continue our mission and will get through this moment in time, together. Donate Now

Making Waves of Progress

Your continued support of our Center’s mission is a responsible and impactful investment in education, conservation, research, and rehabilitation. In 2019 LMC received its sixth consecutive highest rank from Charity Navigator. Demonstrating our commitment to our donors to invest their funds effectively. We are committed to responsible management of your investment and are proud that LMC ranks among the most responsible top 8% of charities in the nation.