Species: Green Sea Turtle
(Chelonia mydas)

Arrival Date
: February 11, 2015
Stranding Location: Hutchison Island, FL

Initial Weight
: 2.45 lbs.
Current Weight: 5.75 lbs.

Issue: Pending
Current Condition: Released


Blaine is a tiny, juvenile green sea turtle that stranded on Hutchinson Island. There were several large barnacles on the carapace. Bloodwork showed a high white cell count and low blood glucose. The turtle seemed lethargic out of the water but became active once Blaine was placed in water. Blaine ate all of the food offered thus far.


3/14/2016 – Blaine was released privately on March 14 from Ocean Bay Beach in St. Lucie County.

2/24/2016 – Blaine’s bloodwork has been within normal limits and all medications were stopped on February 22.

2/1/2016 – Blaine’s white count has started to gradually decline. Treatment will be continued.

1/8/2016 – Blaine’s white count has unfortunately gone back up, so a new treatment regimen has been initiated.

12/17/2015  Blaine’s white count has been normal for the last few weeks. We are optimistic that Blaine will be able to be taken off antibiotics in the near future.

11/30/2015  Blaine’s white count has continued to improve.  No med changes have been necessary

11/9/2015  Blaine’s white count has continued to improve.  The turtle is doing very well overall.

10/26/2015  Blaine’s antibiotic treatment regimen is working well as his overall white blood cell count is decreasing. We will continue to monitor.

10/8/2015  Blaine’s heterophil count is currently elevated indicating a new infection. The turtle has begun a new antibiotic treatment regimen.

9/7/2015  A number of our juvenile green sea turtles have an elevated lymphocyte count (one type of white blood cell). Other facilities are having similar issues with their juvenile greens. We are collaborating with those facilities to resolve the issue.

8/7/2015  Blaine went through several rounds of antiparasitic medication.  This turtle’s white cell count is finally decreasing.

7/6/2015  Blaine was started on antiparasitic medications to remove intestinal parasites.

6/15/2015  Blaine continues to do well.  Treatment is continuing.

5/27/2015  Blaine’s bloodwork has improved. The turtle will stay on the current treatment plan.

5/7/2015  Blaine’s white cell count has been gradually decreasing. The bloodwork will be re-evaluated to determine of the antibiotics can be discontinued.

4/22/2015  No change with Blaine this week.

4/16/2015  Blaine’s white cell count has continued to decrease; therefore the current treatment plan will be continued.

4/3/2015  Blaine’s latest bloodwork shows the white cell count to be slowly decreasing. The current treatment plan will be continued.

4/1/2015  Blaine’s bloodwork is due this week for evaluation.

3/17/2015  Blaine’s white cell count was elevated. The antibiotics were changed.

2/27/2015  Blaine seems to be improving. Bloodwork will be evaluated in the next few days.

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