Carla 2021.10.02-web


Species: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Arrival Date
: October 2, 2021
Stranding Location: Port Salerno, FL

Initial Weight
: 7.26 lbs.
Current Weight: 7.39 lbs.

Issue: Buoyancy Disorder, trauma

Carla is a juvenile green sea turtle patient that was found floating in a marina in Port Salerno. The turtle has old trauma to its carapace from an unknown cause, and radiographs revealed a large amount of gas in the turtle’s intestines. Carla will receive treatment and be closely monitored by hospital staff with routine bloodwork.


Sea_turtle_icon(green) Good Condition
Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Fair Condition
Sea_turtle_icon(red)Poor Condition

Patient requires continued treatment but is progressing well.

Minor adjustments have been made to the patient's treatment.

Patient is off all medications.


12/06/2021 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Carla was released on November 30 from Nathaniel P. Reed Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge Beach after 59 days of care in our hospital. View video here >

11/29/2021 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

11/22/2021 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

11/15/2021 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

11/08/2021 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)Carla’s external carapace weight was removed last week and the turtle is able to rest flat on the bottom of the tank without effort. The turtle was moved into a deeper tank, but was returned to a shallow depth after not adjusting well.

11/01/2021 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

10/25/2021 - Sea_turtle_icon(green)

10/11/2021 - New patient