Species: Loggerhead Sea Turtle
(Caretta caretta)

Arrival Date
: May 21, 2016
Stranding Location: Juno Beach. Lucie, Florida

Initial Weight
: 43.78 lbs.
Current Weight: 46.65 lbs.

Issue: Chronic Debilitation
Current Condition: Deceased



Celena is a large juvenile loggerhead sea turtle that was found in the surf on Juno Beach. The turtle was lethargic, underweight, and had several large barnacles on its carapace. Bloodwork showed that the turtle is anemic. The turtle was kept in fresh water for the first couple of days to remove any epibiota such as leeches, algae, and barnacles. Celena is receiving fluids, antibiotics, and iron injections as prescribed by the veterinarian.


6/16/2016: We are sad to report that Celena has succumbed to illness and is unfortunately no longer with us. A necropsy will be performed to better understand the patient’s ailment.



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