Cupid square


Species: Kemp's ridley (Lepidochelys kempii)

Arrival Date
: February 14, 2019
Stranding Location: Jensen Beach, FL

Initial Weight
: 61.07 lbs.
Current Weight:  62 lbs.

Issue: Shark Bite

Cupid is an adult female Kemp's ridley sea turtle patient that was found in the St. Lucie Power Plant Intake Canal. The turtle has shark bite injuries to her left front flipper, plastron and head. The wound will be treated topically with honey and therapeutic laser. Radiographs taken upon arrival showed evidence of pneumonia as well, which will be treated with antibiotic nebulization. The turtle will be monitored closely as we treat her shark bite injuries and pneumonia.



Sea_turtle_icon(green) This turtle is progressing well and responding to therapy as desired.

Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)There is a minor issue that we are working to resolve.

Sea_turtle_icon(red)More details to follow.


08/23/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid was released on August 21!

08/16/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid has been cleared for release next week.

08/09/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid will be considered for release in the near future.

08/05/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid is now off all medication and was tagged this week for eventual release.

07/26/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid\'s lungs appear to be completely healed on the latest radiographs.

07/18/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid\'s blood values are remaining normal without medication.

07/11/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid has been taken off all medications.

07/04/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid\'s white cell count is normal.

06/27/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Radiographs this week show that Cupid\'s lungs are almost completely healed. We may take the turtle off medication next week.

06/20/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(green)Cupid\'s blood values are very good. We plan to get another series of radiographs next week to see if the turtle is releasable.

06/13/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Cupid is doing well and white cell count is normal.

06/06/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Cupid continues to show improvement.

05/30/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Culture results indicated no fungal infection. Radiographs indicated the left lung has improved dramatically.

05/23/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(red)Still no culture results.

05/16/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(red)

05/09/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(red)We are still waiting on Cupid's culture results.

05/05/2019 - Sea_turtle_icon(red)Cupid's CT results indicated that the left lung is likely affected by a fungus. Today a bronchoscopy was performed to attempt to culture the fungus. We will await results, hopefully by next week.

04/25/2019 - Sea_turtle_icon(red)Cupid will be undergoing a CT scan. We will await the results.

04/17/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Cupid's appetite has improved substantially, but radiographs taken today indicate a worsening of the lungs.

04/11/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Cupid's white blood cell count is improving on the new medications.

04/04/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow) Cupid's diet has been increased due to her good appetite. Medications have been changed.

03/27/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow) Cupid is now eating well again.

03/20/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow) Cupid was moved to a larger tank, but has since quit eating. We may have to move the turtle back to get it eating again.

03/13/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Cupid is now eating squid and capelin. Radiograpghs revealed that the pneumonia had worsened, so the turtle was started on an oral antifungal.

03/06/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)Cupid is finally eating occasionally, but only when offered blue crabs.

02/27/2019 -Sea_turtle_icon(yellow) Cupid is not eating, but that is not unusual for adult Kemp's

02/14/2019 - New Patient